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Homeplans NW is revolutionizing the way you think about your home design.

Homeplans NW is revered in the industry as a leading nationally published home design firm in the Northwest. For over 25 years, Darin Rueppell and his team strive to maximize design efficiency with the simple plan to visualize the best possible solution first; it takes a lot of creativity, experience and technical savvy to create the ideal home design solution. Our plans have been thoughtfully conceptualized, designed and executed to maximize the most home for the best possible construction cost bottom line. Choose from one of our plans today and call us with any plan modifications that you may have or require.

Our Passion. Our Commitment.

Custom Single Family Homes

Homeplans NW brings full service and personalized design ideas and solutions to existing home additions, extensive home renovations and complete exterior/interior restorations.

Home Builder & Developer Partnerships

With years of design and development ourselves in the planned neighborhood arena, Darin and his team are experts in forecasting, developing and designing for new home neighborhood projects. We will work with you to prepare a strategic plan and present a collection of homes that will be ideal for your situation.

Our Commitment To you

By exploring the combination of your unique needs and desires with the untapped potential of your property, we are able to respond with a design that is at once considered, meaningful and surprising. Our intent is to maximize what you consider valuable, to discover the unrealized, and to make your home your home.

Your Advocate

We help you find the best partners and best paths forward, from vetting contractors to navigating codes and local building requirements.

Full Service

Our role may go beyond home design. We can be involved through each phase of the process, from design through construction, from the initial goal-setting meeting to the day you open your new front door.


We design with purpose. We are inspired by Northwest sensibilities and draw upon classic traditions for designs that are purposeful—not just beautiful.

Innovative Elegance

We explore and discover innovative solutions, informed approaches and elegant simplicity in each project we commit to.

Client-First Service

Our designs are tailored to your needs, not the other way around. We aim to fully understand you—so that our solutions are perfect for your spaces and your life.

The Right Fit

We enjoy residential projects that challenge us to reach for new heights and discover new solutions. Our design sensibilities may not be the ideal fit for you, but the ones that are—truly are.


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