Custom Designs

Custom Home Designs Crafted with Your Personality in Mind

Rueppell, Inc. (the custom home division of Homeplans NW) crafts unique and thoughtfully designed custom homes with you as our inspiration. You know exactly how you want to live and the space in which you live it—we are here to realize that inspiration. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to begin realizing your dream home.

When planning your custom home, undoubtedly you will have questions you don’t yet know to ask. At Homeplans NW, we have developed hundreds of custom plans and fully understand the various steps along with way. In preparation for your project, we have out together a handy road map of sorts that will help you schedule your time and calendar specific benchmarks in the development process. Click the button below to download this convenient flyer.

Next Steps

So where do we go from here? Your first step is to connect with us to schedule a consultation appointment. At that appointment we will go over your ideas, your timeline, your budget and the get as many of the preliminary question answered as possible. We will go over the road map so you know exactly what to expect and when. Click the button below to drop us a quick note, or simply call our office during business hours to schedule your project.

Thank you for considering Home Plans Northwest for your next project!

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